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      Doing Business With MSP

If  you're considering doing business with MSP, we probably have to win that  business
from another supplier or  toll processor. If  you buy directly from Steel Dynamics, using us
for processing might seem like a 'no brainer.' But if you buy from a service center, whether
they do your processing in-house or outsourced, switching to MSP may be  a more difficult decision. We'll make it easy for you – it all boils down to total supply cost and quality.            

How MSP Lowers Your Total Supply Cost:  
  • Proximity to Steel Dynamics – no inbound freight and faster turnaround
• Consolidate Supply – we process a wider range of sizes than almost anyone
• Logistics – we are rail-served and offer full in-house logistics services
• Value-Added – we've brought in plasma cutting and other fabrication services
How MSP Improves Quality :  
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment – hold tighter tolerances
• Comprehensive quality procedures and personnel training
• Climate-controlled storage that stands up to Southeast humidity
• Advanced Materials Management System – all records instantly available
There's also an 'intangible' to doing business with MSP that's hard to put a value on, but
is very real. Doing business with MSP is 'person-to-person,' not company-to-company.
We are lean and privately-held, so we're not tied up by corporate policy edicts, a need
to have decisions approved at a far off  headquarters or other constraints on serving
you the way you want to be served.  We're flexible, decisive and proud  that  we can
respond on  your schedule.                                                                                               

Nice words, sure, but  we invite  you to put us to the test. Call 662 327-3150 or
contact an MSP associate  today, and we can discuss doing business  the
way that works best for you.                                                                                      


MSP has plans for growth even beyond our recent expansion. Not growth for growth sake, but growth through diversifying our mix of capabilities and services so as to bind us closer to our customers.

Put another way, customer needs will dictate MSP's growth strategy. Things like what first stage fabrication services or which surface treatments might really help you achieve your goals – that's what we'll focus on. Customer-driven growth will help MSP do more useful things. We think that's a better long term strategy than just doing more of the same thing.

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400 N. Steel Road
Columbus, MS 39701
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